Thank you for considering Olive Wood Pizza to cater your wedding. We cater a numerous amount and variety of weddings every year.  We know how much stress and hard work goes into creating the perfect wedding which is why we are here to help! Whether you need full service, just dinner or even a late night snack… We can help make your special day a once in a lifetime experience!

Our Services:

Tray Passed Appetizers/Cocktail Hour We offer a variety of tray passed appetizers while the bride and groom are away capturing their precious moments, guests can relax, have a drink and enjoy some of our delicious appetizers. With such unique and tasty appetizers, we’ll have your guests wishing that cocktail hour never ends!

*Tray Passed Appetizer Menu can be requested to be sent from the REQUEST A QUOTE form submission

Dinner Service Style Options

Buffet Style We offer a buffet style service where we serve all you can eat pizza for 2 hours.  Tables get called up to the self service buffet to enjoy the menu items you selected.  We continue to keep the buffet table full while guests are able to stop by for seconds which they usually can’t resist!

Family Style Just like eating dinner with your family at home we will serve your guests.  Food will be displayed in communal serving dishes on each table so that everyone can eat at the same time and enjoy each other’s company.

Late Night Snack After a long night of dancing, fun, and drinks… what could possibly be the icing on the cake?  Pizza! If pizza isn’t your first option for dinner, then we can offer you a “Late Night Snack” service where we will come after the dinner service while everyone is out on the dance floor celebrating the newlyweds.  Guests can take a break and enjoy a slice of pizza while the night is young!

Rehearsal Dinner If pizza isn’t exactly what you want as your main course at your wedding, we can also do your rehearsal dinners! If you’re looking for something a little more simple but still a great crowd pleaser, we’d be a perfect fit! For a couple of hours during your rehearsal dinner, we can crank out some pizzas for your wedding party while you all get ready for the big day!

Staffing As mentioned, we know that a lot work goes into planning weddings.  We’re here to help relieve the stress by taking care of all of your staffing needs.  Whether you need a bartender, staff for breaking down or setting up, or even servers… We can arrange everything to make sure your special day runs as smooth as possible.